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Welcome to Solargain Sydney. Providing hot water systems and service across New South Wales.

Solargain Sydney provides solar installation and maintenance services throughout New South Wales. If you wish to purchase or repair a solar hot water heatpump system in Sydney, dial 1300 73 93 55 to get a quote or to schedule a free site assessment. It costs nothing to speak to one of our local solar energy specialists.


Hot Water Heatpump in Sydney

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Hot Water Heatpump in Sydney
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Hot Water Heat Pumps for Sydney homes

Isn’t it time you made the switch to renewable energy too? Solargain Sydney is your trusted, local solar provider with a huge wealth of experience installing, hot water equipment.


Hot Water Heat Pump for Sydney and New South Wales

When choosing your solar provider, it only makes sense to shop around for the one that’s right for your needs. While the price is undeniably an important consideration, you’ll also need to weigh up the longevity of the products and the reputation of the company installing your system.

Solargain has been a part of the solar energy and hot water industries for decades and, in that time, we have built direct relationships with top solar manufacturers to secure the best deals for our Sydney and greater NSW customers.


How much can you save by installing Hot Water in Sydney?

Households across New South Wales have already installed hot water to help save on electricity bills and improve their environmental efficiency. With clear, sunny days dominating much of Sydney’s weather patterns, it only makes sense to switch to an iStore heat pump. When you’re gauging how much money and power you’ll be saving by installing on your Sydney home, the following points will have an impact on your individual system:

  • iStores premium Australian engineering captures energy in the air to generate environmentally friendly hot water to multiple taps in your home - 24x7 x 365    
  • The iStore uses advanced technology to store 4 kW of heat energy for every 1 kW of power consumed.
  • The iStore consumes 75% - 85% less energy than conventional hot water systems.
  • External wrap around heating coil provides maximum thermal energy transfer.
  • The iStore offsets 2.9 tonnes of CO2 per-annum on an Australian average home.
  • All-in-one integral unit, the iStore is easy and quick to install.
  • Save thousands with federal and state Government incentives.


What solar rebates are available in Sydney?

Depending on your residing state in Australia, customers replacing existing traditional hot water systems may be eligible for $800 to $3000 off their system cost.

Our products are listed under the IHEAT manufacturing brand and can be found on the CER database for STCs, the Victorian VEEC and VEU registers, the NSW ESC register and the ACT low interest loan schemes.

iStore technology will clobber your electricity costs effectively using renewable energy

Solar without the panels, the iStore’s dynamic efficiency can reduce your hot water heating costs by up to 70%, utilising intelligent technology which converts air into hot water via the transfer of thermal energy.


Solargain and Sydney

Don’t waste your time and money with inferior products or incompetent installers. Choose Solargain for genuine customer service, over 18 years of experience and quality products. Our Sydney team is happy to take the time to determine the best solar power system for your needs and will happily answer your questions along the way. 


iStore 180L & 270L
Special Includes
Fully installed
Full valve kit installed
5 Year Comprehensive Warranty
All plumbing and electrical*
Discounts if combining with Solar
Special Locality
The iStore 270L or 180L is the perfect solution for homes in need of a constant, reliable supply of steaming hot water, all powered by the sun’s rays. The iStore does more than just heat water though, using its revolutionary air to energy technology, it acts as an effective battery alternative, tapping into your solar PV system in order to save you money.
Melbourne Metro:
180L from $3390* & 270L from $3690*
Sydney Metro:
180L from $3190* & 270L from $3490*


Please contact our friendly staff and get a solar hot water quote

To receive your quote as fast as possible, please supply your installation address so that Solargain can check the aerial photo of your roof.
To receive your quote as fast as possible, please supply your installation address so that Solargain can check the aerial photo of your roof.
To receive your quote as fast as possible, please supply your installation street, suburb and postcode so that Solargain can check the aerial photo of your roof.