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For March only, take advantage of Victoria's amazing solar rebates and loans for as little as $2,490 up front. 

Solargain – A reliable solar panel partner

At Solargain Melbourne, we provide solar energy solutions and service throughout Victoria. If you wish to purchase solar panels for your home, repair your solar power or hot water system in Melbourne, dial 1300 73 93 55 to get a quote or to schedule a free site assessment. It costs nothing to speak to one of our local solar energy specialists.


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Solargain Melbourne
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Our solar power solutions in Melbourne

If you’re living in Melbourne or regional Victoria, look no further, because our team at Solargain is the answer for all your solar power needs and questions. We're located in West Melbourne, Victoria and supply and install high-quality solar power systems across both metro and regional areas. We’re leaders in the industry with a reputation for excellent service and consultation with solar power customers across Victoria, so if you're considering going solar, look no further!

We're one of the most trusted names in the Victorian solar power industry and across Australia, and with good reason. We supply and install a wide range of solar power products including the best inverters and solar panels on the market. Having dealt directly with popular and respected manufacturers for over ten years, our fantastic relationships with them allow us to provide exceptional deals on solar power systems for our Melbourne and regional Victorian customers.

Take a look at our range of solar power packages, or if you need help deciding on the best solar power setup for your home’s solar power needs, visit our which system is right for me page.


How much can I save with solar power in Melbourne?

Australia really is a sun-burnt country and even though Melbourne is generally cooler than other cities, there’s still more than enough sunshine to justify installing solar power in homes across Victoria. In fact, nearly 20% of Victorian households already use solar power to reduce their electricity bills. Plus, as the cost of solar technology decreases and the government makes incentives available to help reduce your outlay, switching to solar power is becoming a more and more affordable choice.

The amount of money you can save on your power bill by installing a solar power system in your Melbourne or regional Victoria home depends on your household’s energy consumption patterns as well as where your solar panels are positioned. The way your panels are oriented, their tilt and the presence of shade all affect the amount of electricity they produce and are all important factors in determining your savings. However, the table below can give you an indication of the kind of savings you can expect:

System Size Annual Financial Savings
2kW $690
3kW $1,039
5kW $1,736
10kW $3,472


What solar rebates are available in Victoria?

Victorian Residents can benefit from a number of solar energy rebates. The ones shown below include all that are unique to Victoria, not including universal schemes such as the feed-in tariff.

  • Solar Panel (PV) Rebate - Eligible households can claim a discount on a solar energy system up to a maximum amount of $1,850. Read more here.
  • Solar Rebate for Rental Properties - The Victoria government is also making a rebate available to rental properties, dependant upon a lease agreement with tenants, you can enjoy a discount of up to $1,850. Learn more about this rebate here.  
  • Currently the solar battery rebate for Victoria sits at $4,174. It will remain at this value until June 30th, 2021. Read more here.
  • Solar hot water rebate - Consumers can enjoy a rebate up to $1,000 on solar hot water systems. Learn more here.

What type of system should I install?

Melbourne and greater Victoria’s extreme weather conditions make it essential that your solar power system can withstand anything and everything Mother Nature throws at it. With this in mind, we strongly recommend you choose a system that is designed with Australia’s weather conditions in mind. 

There’s nothing worse than being left high and dry because your manufacturer does not support Australian warranty claims or has gone out of business. We recommend brands that have been designed to withstand the harshest conditions and have close relationships with manufacturers to support you in any warranty claims you may make in the future. 


Solargain and Melbourne

We're proud to been one of the leading solar retailers in Australia and have been supplying and installing solar power systems in Melbourne and regional Victorian homes for many years. We're also committed to delivering high-quality solar products at affordable prices, and with on-going after-sales service. We think this is what makes us one of the most respected solar power companies in Victoria.

If you live in Melbourne or greater Victoria and would like to speak with someone local about installing a solar power system in your home, contact us today.


Please contact our friendly staff and start saving on your energy bills


Melbourne Specials

Special Includes
A battery of your choice
No deposit, manageable low repayments, and Qantas Points on all batteries. Save as much as $45 per week. Starting from $24 per week for an entry level battery. Or go big with a premium battery like the Tesla Powerwall, which can be optimised with Evergen Home Energy Management Software.
10kW European Solar Package $9,990
Special Includes
26 x Trina Solar 390 W panels
1 x Fronius Primo 8.2 kW inverter
1 x Fronius smart meter
Option to upgrade to top-tier Sunpower panels
This powerful 10 kW solar package comes with an Austrian-made Fronius Primo 8.2 kW inverter and the latest from Trina Solar.
Store & Save from $8,990
Special Includes
17 x 390 W Trina Solar Vertex-S panels
1 x Huawei 5 kW hybrid inverter
1 x Huawei 5 kWh LUNA2000 battery
1 x Huawei smart meter
Get a fantastic 6.6 kW system with TrinaSolar Panels plus a Huawei inverter, battery and smart meter.
Get Started with Solar $5,490
Special Includes
17 x Trina Solar 390 W panels
1 x Growatt 5 kW inverter
Option to upgrade to a battery-ready inverter
Option to add a smart meter
Get your solar started with a 6.6 kW system for only $5,490^