Growatt snapshot

Growatt strikes the perfect balance between quality and affordability in solar power inverters, setting it apart from major competitors.

A comparatively young company, Growatt’s expansion into the retail solar energy industry has been monumental. Offering a large array of inverter (and related) products, Growatt caters to both grid-connected residential and commercial solar power installation.

Growatt in Australia


Like all Solargain manufacturing partners, Growatt is an Australian supported brand. Operating under the title Growatt Australia Pty Ltd, the company runs its Aussie operations through a Melbourne office, providing customers with strong levels of support.

Assured Quality

While other Chinese inverter brands have given China’s manufacturing reputation a bad name, Growatt offers a superior Chinese product in line with many renowned German heavyweights.

For example, Growatt’s 5000TL inverter has achieved a ‘sehr gut’ (‘very good’–96%) at average solar irradiation conditions, and ‘sehr gut +’ (96.8%) rating for high solar irradiation conditions from Photon Magazine - a widely-respected publication which puts solar power equipment through rigorous quality testing.

Furthermore, all Growatt inverters are backed by comprehensive 5 or 10 year warranties.

Growatt Inverter Products

Growatt offers an impressive range of inverters to choose from, including transformerless (TL) and modern transformer models.
Popular units include:

Sungold TL seriesStandard Transformerless Inverters

  • 1500TL (~1.5kW AC output)
  • 2000TL (~2.0kW AC)
  • 3000TL (~2.8kW AC)
  • 440TL (~4.4kW AC)
  • 5000TL (~4.6kW AC)

Growatt MTL series: Dual Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

  • Growatt 3600MTL (~3.6kW AC Output)
  • 4200MTL (~4.2kW)
  • 5000MTL (~4.6kW – 5.0kW)

Growatt HF series: High-frequency transformers

  • Growatt 2000HF (~2.0KW AC output)
  • Growatt 25000HF (~2.5kW)
  • Growatt 3000HF (~3.0kW)

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