Why researching solar companies is important

Unfortunately, the solar PV market is full of untrustworthy and dishonest companies, which only got into the solar business to earn money fast and disappear even faster. We are regularly contacted by customers who were initially installed by companies that no longer exist and thus won’t provide service or honour warranties. This is why we can’t stress enough how important it is to do your research before selecting a solar partner.


Find out if your installer has gone into liquidation

To find out whether your solar installer has gone into liquidation, simply search their name on the Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s (ASIC) Insolvency Notices Database. If your installer is on that list and your system has ceased to function, contact Solargain.




Solargain can fix or service your system

Solargain offers maintenance and repair services for all solar power inverter or panel brands sold in Australia, irrespective of who installed them. If your system is experiencing issues and your installer has vanished, Solargain can accommodate your service and repair needs.

Simply book an inverter health check and we’ll have one of our technicians visit your property to:

  • Inspect your PV system and check for faults.
  • Remedy any fixable issues.
  • Replace your inverter, if need be.

Our service technicians always bring spare inverters with them, as replacing a faulty inverter often works out cheaper than repairing it. This allows us to install a replacement inverter on the same day if it turns out your unit isn’t repairable. It eliminates the necessity and price of a second visit and reduces your inverter downtime, meaning your system gets back up and running quicker.


To book your inverter in for a health check, fill out our form below.