Hot water shoppers looking for a compact, reliable and efficient hot water heater should look no further than i-Heat.

i-Heat is ideal for customers wanting to substantially cut their water heating costs, but who are not yet ready to install a solar hot water solution. Manufactured by Solargain to the strictest quality standards, i-Heat provides instant and limitless hot water using natural or LP gas.

Available in both 20L and 26L specification, i-Heat is well-suited to both small and larger domestic or commercial use.

Best of all, i-Heat continuous flow gas hot water systems can be fitted with optional controllers, so you can adjust water temperature from the comfort of your home/office.

i-Heat advantages

  • 6-Star energy efficiency – meaning more savings and environmental performance
  • Continuous flow water heating – so you never go cold
  • 10 year heat exchanger warranty
  • 100% solar hot water compatible in the future
  • Proven Solargain quality and reliability
  • Comprehensive after-sales support and care

How does it work?

  • When a tap is turned on in the property, water passes through the unit
  • A sensor detects the water flow and ignites the burner
  • As water travels through the heat exchanger it heats up and is controlled by a microprocessor which keeps the water flowing to the desired volume and temperature
  • Finally, once the tap is turned off, so too will the burner, ensuring that no unnecessary energy is used

    The result is instant and continuous hot water!

Solar Compatibility

If you choose to upgrade to a solar hot water system in the future, your i-Heat water heater can easily be integrated into the system and take on a supporting role. This is a straightforward procedure, which Solargain can complete if you ever decide to take your savings to the next level.


Technical data and specifications

For more information and technical data about the Solargain i-Heat Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water System, view the online brochure.