I Want Energy DC Isolator Switch Recall

If you live in Tasmania and own an ‘I Want Energy’ solar power system, you may be affected by a product safety recall on the DC isolator switch in your installation. Faulty contacts inside the switch have the potential to overheat making it a possible fire hazard. If you are concerned about the DC isolator switch in your ‘I Want Energy’ solar installation, simply contact Solargain for immediate assistance and for one of our qualified electricians to replace it for you.

I want energy faulty DC Isolator Switch Recall

Faulty Isolator Switch Product

I Want Energy DC Isolator Switch


  • HGN4-32DC

What are the defects?

Contacts are Faulty

What are the hazards?

Isolators could overheat.

Dates sold (installed)

7th October 2012 - 1st March 2014

What states the product was sold


What should consumers do?

Call Solargain immediately for advice and to book a solar maintenance check and DC isolator switch replacement. Alternatively, use the form below to book a solar maintenance appointment. We will get back to you immediately.

Australian Government Recall Notice

Visit the Government Recalls website about this listing.


Book a system health check - check your DC isolator is not a hazard