IPD - Salzer DC LB232 (IPV40E & IPV40ES) Isolator Switch Recall

If you have an IPD solar power system, check the model of your DC isolator switch, as it may be affected by a recall notice. If your DC isolator switch is a Salzer with one of the serial numbers listed below, turn off the solar supply main switch and give Solargain a call.


Faulty Isolator Switch Model/Type

Salzer DC isolators enclosed identifying numbers:

Part number Manufacturing number Manufacturer's ID Manufacturer's name Brand
IPV40E DCLB23230429B31SMXRDGB DCLB232 Salzer IPD


What are the defects?

The Salzer DC LB232 isolator may fail, causing excessive heat, and leading to the melting or charing of the isolator, which could result in smoke and heat damage.


Salzer faulty DC Isolator Switch Recall

What are the hazards?

Under certain conditions, the component may present a fire risk.


When was the product sold (installed)?

10 August 2016 - 13 November 2017

What States was the product sold in?



What should consumers do?

If your system is fitted with one of the above mentioned DC isolator switch models, please turn the “AC ISOLATOR” switch "off” immediately. DO NOT operate the “PV ARRAY DC ISOLATOR” isolators . Contact Solargain to get your faulty DC isolator switch replaced.


Australian Government Recall Notice

For further information visit the Government Recalls website about this listing.


Book a system health check - check your DC isolator is not a hazard. call 1300 73 93 55