KLNE Sunteams inverters were installed throughout the country prior to the Australian component of this business going into receivership. Their red inverters are similar in appearance to at least one other major brand, therefore a close inspection may be required to confirm which manufacturer’s product you have installed in your home.

Sunteams inverters were available in the following models:

  • Sunteams 1500
  • Sunteams 2000
  • Sunteams 3000
  • Sunteams 4000
  • Sunteams 5000

A user manual that covers all five Sunteams inverter models is available to download here:

Download Sunteams Inverter Manual

Are you experiencing problems with your Sunteams inverter?
It is unlikely that KLNE Sunteams will honour your warranty as they are now in voluntary administration. You can try contacting your original system installer and they might be able to provide some assistance in having your unit repaired. This generally involves:

  • Paying a licenced electrician to disconnect your inverter.
  • Paying for it to be sent to a (potentially interstate) warehouse.
  • Having the inverter repaired. (It is difficult to determine how much this may cost as it depends on the extent of repairs required.)
  • Paying to have the unit shipped back to your home.
  • Paying a licenced electrician to come and reconnect it.

All of these out of pocket expenses, plus the money lost from not being able to run your system while it’s in for repair, aren’t much less than the cost of a new inverter (that comes with a whole new warranty.

Solargain can help

Our priority is to deliver exceptional service at all times, regardless of who you originally bought your inverter from. Even if you’re not one of our existing customers, we can take a look at your Sunteams inverter.

All you need to do is contact us about booking your inverter health check. We’ll than arrange a visit by one of our qualified technicians who will:

  • Thoroughly check your system to determine what the problem is.
  • Attempt to repair the inverter if possible.
  • Have a replacement inverter on hand in the event yours is irreparable, which we can install that same day. (Replacement 1.5 kW inverters start at $700 which includes a new warranty.)

DIY checks that you can do

If your Sunteams inverter is working, you should see a green light. When you check the unit’s screen, the second line of the display should cycle. When Etotal or Etoday is displayed, these figures indicate your yield.

Monitoring your Sunteams inverter yield

  • Allow the inverter’s display to cycle through until you see the ‘Etoday’ figure.
  • You should check this figure consecutively over a few days and always at the end of the day in case it’s an intermittent issue. If the figure isn’t increasing this indicates there may be an issue with the inverter or your solar panels. You’re best to contact us straight away to book an inverter health check.
  • If the ‘Etoday’ figure has increased, but not as much as you had anticipated, let us know so we can run a comparison on our data monitoring network. If you would like your inverter to be included in our data monitoring network we can install a smart meter for $750. In some cases, this process can help make your system battery-ready.

Common faults with Sunteams inverters

A Solargain inverter health check helps detect all kinds of faults and will establish whether your inverter can be repaired.

  • ‘Disconnect Grid’ or ‘Grid V’ fault: These can occur when your isolator has tripped or if you have a faulty AC isolator installed. If your isolator is fine, you may need to replace your inverter.
  • ‘Low Isolation’ or ‘High Ground I’ faults: These faults indicate there may be moisture in your installation or the earthing on the system may have degraded. If moisture and earthing are not causing the issue, you may need a replacement.
  • ‘Relay Damaged’ fault: This is the most common fault we find in Sunteams inverters and unfortunately is not repairable. It requires a full unit exchange.
  • If the fault code ends in ‘Damaged’, for example ‘GFCi Damaged’ or ‘EEprom Damaged’ it means the relay code on an internal component has failed. As there is no warranty support in Australia for Sunteams inverters, parts to replace these components cannot be sourced. Therefore we recommend replacing your unit with a new one.
  • Some fault codes can indicate your inverter has experienced a power surge from the grid or from a nearby lightning strike for example. We can confirm if this is the case, and if you have the relevant home and contents insurance we can assist with your claim.

Let us look after your Sunteams inverter

If you are still unsure about what’s happening with your inverter, the best course of action is to book your system in with us for a health check. When you make your booking, we can discuss whether you have a preferred brand of inverter to replace yours with – just in case we’re unable to repair it. We’ll bring the replacement unit with us and can have it up and running in the one visit.