Energy Efficiency and Solar PV – a perfect match

When considering solar energy for your home or business, one of the key decisions is what sized system to use.

Obviously the more energy you use, the larger (and more expensive) the system required to meet your needs.

If you think about this the other way around, the less energy you use, the smaller (and cheaper) the system required.

So by making your home or business more energy efficient, you can both minimise the solar system required as well as maximise the utilisation of any system you choose.

Solargain operates a specialist energy efficiency company, Integrated Power, to purely focus on minimising energy consumption, commonly through energy efficient LED lighting.

When you are looking at solar energy, consider companies that are working with you to reduce your consumption before sizing your solar system. It’s the smart way to go!

Why exchange my halogen downlights for LED?

  • Modern LED downlights use up to 70% less energy than halogen for the same amount of light.
  • ‘High quality’ LED downlights will provide many years of maintenance free lighting. Imagine not having to stand on chairs and change globes again?
  • Halogen downlights have been attributed to many house fires across Australia and it is now mandatory that all halogen downlights have fire rated canisters installed to reduce fire risk. Many 1000’s of halogen downlights were installed before canisters were mandatory and many homes are not protected from this risk.

I’m thinking about battery storage so I’ll have ‘free power’ to use at night?

  • A battery storage system is a great way to use your daytime solar production at night. However, the more efficient your home or business is, the smaller the battery system that will be required to power your evening, reducing your battery costs.

Ask your Solargain consultant how energy efficiency can help you to get the best value from any solar installation or visit for more information about LED lighting and other efficiency solutions.