Solar power goes a long way in helping you cut down both your energy bill and your home's greenhouse emissions. But if you want to do more to further improve your savings, then you can do so by monitoring your system's yield. Read on to learn how for an APS inverter.

Use this guide to get started!

If you have an APS system, you need to first access the ECU Monitor.

The figure above which is followed by kWh refers to the accumulative total of kilowatt hours your system has produced since it was installed.

To obtain your daily production, you simply need to record this figure first thing in the morning and then again later in the day. The difference in the figures will indicate the daily production of your system.

For example:

January 21st, 8am: 100kWh

January 21st, 6pm: 110kWh

Therefore your daily production is 10kWh (110 less 100)

To calculate your average monthly production, record this figure at the start and end of each month and then divide the difference by the number of days in between.

For example:

E-Total on 1st January is 1100

E-Total on 1st February is 1300

January’s Monthly Yield is therefore 200 units (1300 less 1100)

January’s Average Daily Yield is therefore 6.45kWh (200 monthly yield divided by 31 days in January)

To ensure that your solar power system is working normally, compare these figures with those provided in the Solargain Customer User Manual.

You will have received this in a black handover folder on the day of installation. If you cannot find this manual, please call Solargain on 1300 73 93 55 and we will arrange to send a new one to you.

APS inverter service and repairs

If you’re experiencing problems with your APS inverter, or it’s time to get it serviced, you only need to make one call.

Solargain is your one stop shop for APS inverter servicing and repairs. We guarantee honest advice and quality workmanship so that you can get back to enjoying solar power sooner.

APS inverter service and repairs

Please note - if you have no power in your house due to a blackout, your inverter will not work until the grid has been restored.