Shenzhen SOFARSOLAR's SOFAR3000TL inverter model was tested by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) and failed to comply with the Australian government’s standard AS 4777-2, which outlines the requirements to connect an energy system to the grid via an inverter.

Shenzhen SOFARSOLAR Inverter Safety Issue

Following unsuccessful Passive and Active Anti-islanding tests, Shenzhen SOFARSOLAR's complete inverter range has been de-listed on 21 February 2018.

Although some SOFARSOLAR units may be safe to use, it is impossible for the CEC to test each and every one of them. The precautionary principle constrains them to consider that the results of their testing applies to all inverters manufactured by Shenzhen SOFARSOLAR.

It was found the inverter might not shut down when experiencing certain grid issues, representing a potential safety issue for electricians, according to the CEC.

For this reason, suppliers with Shenzhen SOFARSOLAR inverters in stock must not install them, and those who have installed SOFAR3000TL units need to get in touch with their supplier and seek advice from Shenzhen SOFARSOLAR or from electrical safety authorities on what to do.

For technical information about the de-listing, please e-mail For other questions, please contact your supplier.


Shenzhen SOFARSOLAR Inverter - Product Safety Recall

On 19 April 2018, Shenzhen SOFARSOLAR Mass Energy Inverters were recalled, as it was found that, instead of switching off when it reaches grid voltage limits, the inverter can continue to operate and exceed these limits. Consequently, it may arc and cause other electrical appliances to fail unsafely, which can lead to electric shock and/or fire. In addition, it does not carry a hot surface caution label, warning of possible in case of contact.

Therefore, owners of a SOFARSOLAR Mass Energy inverter should either e-mail SOFARSOLAR at or Fortends at, or ring 0410 662 044. They will need to provide the model number as well as the serial number of their inverter. This information is situated on the left of the unit for single-phase, and on the right for three-phase.

People whose inverter's serial number's 1st and 2nd digits include SA/SB/SC/SD/SG and/or 9th and 10th digits include G8/G9/GA/GB/GC/H1 to H9/HA/HB/HC/J1/J2/J3, will be sent an electrician who will install new firmware, make sure the settings meet the requirements for Australian networks, and apply a hot surface warning label on the inverter.

See official Government Recall