What is an Assessment?

Solargain offers a free solar energy home assessment to determine if solar power is a viable option for your home or business.

Simply call us to schedule a convenient time for a visit by one of our friendly, renewable energy consultants. By assessing your utility bills, electricity usage and your building’s individual characteristics, our consultants can complete a thorough renewable energy evaluation.

Factors we take into account include: roof type, shading, orientation and how many panels we can safely fit onto the building. If the assessment concludes that solar is a good fit for the property, we will prepare a detailed proposal at no cost.

Why would I get a FREE Solar Energy Assessment?

You’ve got nothing to lose by getting a free solar energy inspection by one of our renewable energy consultants. For peace of mind, why not find out from an expert exactly how much energy your roof can provide?

How long does a Solar Energy Assessment take?

It will take approximately one hour to complete a thorough consultation.

During the assessment we work with you to ensure there are no notable deficiencies in your current electrical consumption or load, and we can also provide advice on saving energy.

What do I need for a Solar Energy Assessment?

All you need to organise is one hour of your time and access to your roof and meter. We also ask that you have your utility bills handy.

After the solar energy assessment we will create a system proposal tailored to your requirements and a quote outlining the cost, rebates and expected savings.

At Solargain we take care of everything from assessment and incentives to installation and maintenance. We look after you every step of the way.

Where to now?

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