Want to know how much Queensland homeowners could save with solar?

Have you been considering solar energy, wondering if now is the time to make the change? Well, wonder no longer. With power prices set to skyrocket in the near future, and a number of rebates available to the people of Queensland, 2022 is the perfect time for you to start looking at the solar installers Brisbane has to offer.

With a payback period of generally 3 - 4 years (or 7 years with finance) and a lifespan of upwards of 25 years for your system, installing solar is simply a practical decision. The savings a solar energy system can offer are vital with the incoming rise to power prices, and when purchased through finance, your savings can offset your repayments to the point that your solar functionally pays for itself!

But, as mentioned, solar energy systems are an investment for your home that can last several decades. When looking at solar installers Brisbane customers should choose an installer who will be with them throughout the lifespan of their system. Look no further than Solargain, we’ve been in solar for 17 years now, and have been voted Canstar Blue’s solar installer of the year for two years running. Wherever you are in Queensland, we can find a solar energy solution for your home, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today.


$0 deposit solar for Brisbane home owners

If you can afford power, you can afford solar

And increasingly, it looks like we can’t afford not to consider solar. Thankfully, $0 deposit green loans mean that solar is a practical, affordable investment for anyone. As mentioned above, the reduction in your power bill will generally be enough to substantially offset the repayments on your solar energy system. 

Besides, we take mortgages to pay off an asset, rather than sinking that money down the drain of renting. Why not do the same, and stop sinking your money into your power bill, when you could use it to pay off your solar energy asset instead.


Solar Panels Brisbane

If you’re currently paying $450 a month on your power bills, then installing solar energy could save you as much as $2,343 annually. That should be more than enough to show that solar panels are a fantastic investment for any Brisbane home, but they do more than just save you money.

Solar energy systems are an investment for your home's future. They reduce your bills, increase your home's value and help you do your part to protect the environment by reducing your reliance on the grid and coal energy.

Solar panels Brisbane customers should be looking for are one’s that offer an excellent value for money, balancing durability, efficiency and aesthetics in a single package. 

For this reason we’d recommend the excellent SunPower Performance 3 panels, for those looking for a slick all black appeal from one of the best manufacturers in the world (who even NASA trusts for their solar energy systems). Otherwise we’d recommend the Trina Solar Vertex S, these are excellent solar panels Brisbane homeowners will be able to rely upon throughout the lifespan of their system.

Want to learn more about solar panels? You can find our full range of panels here, or see what specials we currently have available further down the page.