Best Solar Hot Water System

Australia has the highest average solar radiation in the world. This means more than just suntans and hot summers, it means that the solar energy system’s, whether they’re being used for electricity or hot water are more efficient here than anywhere else in the world. In addition, Adelaide has the highest average electricity costs in Australia, generally falling somewhere between 40-50c/kWh. 

These two factors come together to make solar an incredibly valuable investment when it comes to saving money on your power bill.

What’s the biggest contributor to most people’s power bill? Their hot water. Hot water can make up as much as 30% of your annual power bill. With a solar hot water system, you can cut that number by as much as 80%. This amazing cost reduction will not only see you saving hundreds, if not thousands, it will also let you:

  • Enjoy reliable hot water 24/7
  • Immediately increase your home’s value
  • Offset investment costs & profit from the Government’s solar hot water rebates
  • Reduce environmentally harmful emissions from your system
  • Reduce your reliance on the grid

Who doesn’t like being able to enjoy a steaming hot bath or shower at the end of a long day? With 24/7 hot water from solar hot water, you’ll never need to worry about not having access to such a luxury.

Solar Hot Water Systems Adelaide

If that wasn’t reason enough, solar energy will always be providing your home with its power at a fixed cost, or no cost at all. When you compare this to energy from the grid, the price of which can vary daily depending on things such as international politics, daily usage rates in other suburbs, or simple acts of nature, it’s easy to see the benefits. It’s not like you’ll lose your hot water when the sun goes down either, when you use hot water, without solar energy available, your system will still be able to tap into the grid to make sure you can have that hot shower before bed.

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