More than 20% of homes in Melbourne have already started taking advantage of solar, so what’re you waiting on? Solargain is one of the most trusted names in Australian solar, and we have a broad range of specials available for our Victorian customers.

Special offers in Melbourne

iStore Hot Water Heat Pump Solar Bundle
iStore Home Energy Bundles
Special Includes
5kW iStore Hybrid inverter (Battery-Ready)
440W N-type Tier 1 solar panels with 30 year warranty
270L iStore Hot Water Heat Pump
Special Locality
Start saving with our new 6.6kW iStore Hot Water & Solar Bundle and add other iStore products to boost your savings even further!
6.6kW Solar & Hot Water Bundle - from $8,490 (excludes any state rebate)
Optional Add-ons
iStore Smart Meter, iStore Battery, iStore EV Charger (coming soon)
iStore 180L & 270L
Special Includes
Fully installed
Full valve kit installed
5 Year Comprehensive Warranty
All plumbing and electrical*
Discounts if combining with Solar
Special Locality
The iStore 270L or 180L is the perfect solution for homes in need of a constant, reliable supply of steaming hot water, all powered by the sun’s rays. The iStore does more than just heat water though, using its revolutionary air to energy technology, it acts as an effective battery alternative, tapping into your solar PV system in order to save you money.
Melbourne Metro:
180L from $3390* & 270L from $3690*
Sydney Metro:
180L from $3190* & 270L from $3490*