Solar Power Systems Adelaide

Plenty of people come to us with one question on their lips, ‘is solar going to be worth it for me?’

Well, in Adelaide, and South Australia as a state, it’s one of, if not the best energy option available. After all, the state has particularly high energy costs compared to other states, sitting generally around 40-50c/kWh. This makes solar an undeniably practical and rewarding investment. After all, the more you’re paying for power, the more of a return you’ll see from solar as it reduces your reliance on the grid.

Not only that, but South Australia’s state government is more than happy to support those who want to shift to the solar side. They have made a number of quite generous government incentives available for those who install solar energy storage (battery) systems in Adelaide. This helps reduce the initial installation costs for your system and makes it more feasible for homeowners across Adelaide to get the most from their solar energy system, while further reducing their reliance on the grid. With a solar storage unit, you can store excess energy your system generates throughout the day so that it’s available to you during peak hours, such as the early evening when electricity from the grid is at its most expensive. If you would like to know what kind of return you can expect to see from your system in accordance with current government incentives and available Feed-In-Tariff Rates, contact us.

Solar Power Packages Adelaide

We have a number of high-quality, low-price solar energy system specials currently available in Adelaide, which you can find here. Our specials are designed to be more than just value for money, after all, solar energy is a twenty-year investment for your home. That’s why we include only the best panels and inverters in our packages, to ensure that they remain practical and effective for your home’s energy needs. 

Solargain is an Australian owned and grown company, and we well understand the unique trials posed by the Australian climate, so you can rest easy knowing that if we put our savings and longevity guarantees on a system, it’s because we have ensured it will stand the test of time, and provide your home both energy and savings for years to come.

If none of the specials currently available suit your needs, get in contact with one of our energy specialists, and they’d be happy to provide a quote on a unique system, built to suit your home.