Solar Panel Systems Adelaide

With a number of government incentives available, and particularly high energy prices when compared to the rest of Australia. This poses Adelaide homeowners to garner magnificent savings from a solar energy system. That’s why we’ve recently expanded our operations in South Australia, to help residents there make the most of our nation’s greatest natural resource, solar energy! 

Solar energy systems can save Australian’s plenty anywhere in the nation, but in Adelaide, they are particularly effective, as the higher your energy cost, the more you’ll be saving by reducing your reliance on the grid. With energy costs in Adelaide getting as high as 50c/kWh those are some pretty substantial savings. After all, the cost of sunlight never fluctuates.

Exactly how much you’ll be saving per year does depend on your yearly emissions, energy consumption and a number of other factors, including roof angle, shading and orientation. Despite this, we can still give a basic idea about how much you can expect to be saving with a variety of system sizes.

Solar System Size  Annual Financial Savings
2 kW     $840
3 kW $1,266
5 kW $2,112
10 kW     $4,218

If you would like to know more about how you can expect to save, our solar experts are available, and happy to provide a free site-assessment to give you a better picture of what solar will look like on your home. If you’re interested, fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Solar Power System Installation Adelaide

Solargain was founded in Australia and has been working with the Australian climate for over two decades now. If you want a company experienced with the unique challenges faced by Australian homeowners, look no further. We stock only products that have proven themselves capable of standing up against all kinds of harsh weather, and ones that are capable of standing the test of time and supplying homeowners great solar power for years to come. 

So, interested? If you’d have questions you’d like answered, you can visit our FAQ page, or get in touch with our support staff on 1300 73 93 55. Alternatively, if you’d like to see what specials are currently available in Adelaide, check out our solar specials page. If you’d like a free site-assessment for your home, you can contact us through