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Having problems with your Growatt inverter? Or maybe you just need to get it serviced? Either way, we’re here to help, with quality workmanship and honest advice, we’ll get your lights back on sooner, rather than later.

Sungold TL series: Standard Transformerless Inverters:

  • 1500TL (~1.5kW AC output)
  • 2000TL (~2.0kW AC)
  • 3000TL (~2.8kW AC)
  • 440TL (~4.4kW AC)
  • 5000TL (~4.6kW AC)

Growatt MTL series: Dual Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT):

  • Growatt 3600MTL (~3.6kW AC Output)
  • 4200MTL (~4.2kW)
  • 5000MTL (~4.6kW – 5.0kW)

Growatt HF series: High-frequency transformers:

  • Growatt 2000HF (~2.0kW AC output)
  • Growatt 25000HF (~2.5kW)
  • Growatt 3000HF (~3.0kW)

Growatt UE series: Transformerless Dual MPPT inverters:

  • Growatt 10000UE (~10kW AC output)
  • Growatt 12000UE (~12.25kW, dual input MPPT)
  • Growatt 18000UE (~18kW, dual input MPPT)
  • Growatt 20000UE (~20kW, dual input MPPT)

Can’t find your inverter listed here? Get in touch with our service team and we’ll let you know how we can help.

No AC Connection

This could mean your solar supply has tripped, in which case turning it on should be enough to fix this fault.

AC V Outrange

The grid voltage might have passed the parameters supported by the inverter. It should be intermittent. When the voltage is back in range, the inverter will begin to work again. If this is a recurring error, you should investigate your power quality with your energy provider in order to ensure that your voltage isn't too high (it should be under 255V).

Error 117

One of the most common issues with Growatt inverters is the “Error 117” fault. If your inverter displays this message, it means it’s not producing any power, it will also display the red fault light. This fault message is telling you that there is a relay issue. 

What should  I do if my inverter displays an Error 117 message?

Although this situation isn’t unsafe, it is uneconomical. Every day you spend with a faulty inverter costs you money, as you aren’t benefiting from your solar power system at all whilst the red fault light is on and the Error 117 error message is displayed. Resetting your inverter can be a temporary fix, but this is more commonly a permanent error and, as such, the only solution is to replace your inverter.

Replacing my Growatt inverter

Growatt inverters are covered by a 5-year warranty, which means that, if your inverter is less than five years old and displays an Error 117 message, Growatt will replace it for free.

In order to file a warranty claim, we will need the following from you:

  • Proof of purchase (tax invoice or Certificate of Compliance)
  • A photo of the sticker containing the model and serial numbers (found on the side of the inverter)
  • A photo of the fault on the screen of the inverter

Please note: that this does not include the cost of having a solar expert visit your property, remove your faulty inverter and install the new one.

All other “Error” messages can normally be rectified by conducting a reset of the system. If this fails to fix the issue, your unit may need to be replaced under warranty (if within the warranty period). To do this, we will require photos of the inverters screen displaying the error and serial information. If the unit is out of warranty, you may need to replace the inverter unit out of pocket.

If your inverter is no longer covered by warranty, we suggest that you might want to take this opportunity to upgrade your system. Our technicians can recommend high quality replacement models with full factory warranties that will serve you well for many years to come. Replacements begin at $990 for a 1.5 kW inverter.

Growatt Inverters are specialised equipment that require expert repairs in order to continue to work at peak efficiency after a fault has occurred. At Solargain, we’ve developed thorough Growatt inverter service procedures that ensure your inverter is repaired quickly, correctly and in the most cost-effective manner. In most cases, once our specially-trained technicians have visited your property and inspected your inverter, replacement parts will be sourced from the manufacturer, and our technicians will repair the faulty parts themselves or recommend a new system.

Renewable energy is a fantastic long-term investment that helps you substantially cut down on your greenhouse emissions and electricity bills. To ensure you get the greatest efficiency out of your solar energy system, we strongly recommend that you monitor it regularly. A major part of this ongoing process involves checking your inverter’s yield.

Use this guide to get started!

If you have a Growatt inverter, a green light should be displayed during the day to indicate that the system is running normally. To bring up yield information, you just need to tap on the cover. The screen automatically cycles between menu options. The options that best depict your inverter’s performance will be the Etoday and e-all functions. These menu options will be displayed first and second through the cycle (on the second line of the display).

Readings are displayed in the format, XXX.X KWH.

The E-today provides a daily kilowatt per hour reading. Since it is a daily reading, the best indication of production will be towards the end of the day, before the sun goes down while the system is still active but production is winding down. You can check this figure against the data provided in your Solargain Customer User Manual given to you in a black handover folder on the day of installation to give you a better picture of what the system should be producing. If you cannot find this manual please call 1300 73 93 55 and we will arrange to have a new one sent to you. 

The E-all reading provides a cumulative total of your kilowatt hours produced since the system was installed. To work out your average monthly production, record the difference between your E-all figure at the start and end of each month.

For example:

  • E-Total on 1st January is 1100
  • E-Total on 1st February is 1300

January’s Monthly Yield is therefore 200 units (1300 less 1100)

January’s Average Daily Yield is therefore 6.45kwh (200 monthly yield divided by 31 days in January)

Like the Etoday figure, this data can also be compared to the yield estimates in your Solargain Customer User Manual.


Sometimes in the morning and late afternoon, as the inverter is turning on or off, it will display a red light and also make a clicking noise. These are both normal functions and you shouldn’t be worried by them. You should also note that the inverter’s noise levels will increase as it works harder and produces more wattage throughout the day. Any internal issues with the inverter will be detected by the device and will cause the fault light to be displayed permanently and only then do you need to worry and investigate.

If there is ample sunlight outside and your inverter is displaying a red fault light, you will need to conduct a reset. Instructions explaining how to reset your inverter are available on our website. If, after resetting, the red light is still on, please retrieve the error code displayed on the screen as well as your serial number from where it is displayed on the side of the inverter. Then contact us on 1300 73 93 55 and we will happily assist you to resolve the issue.


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