We service and repair Samil inverters

If it’s time to get your Samil inverter serviced, or you have begun to experience issues with it, then don’t hesitate to contact our team at Solargain, we’re here to help with expert advice and servicing.

Samil Power is a Chinese manufacturer who commercialises inverters commonly referred to as the “big blue box”. Models include:

  • SolarRiver: 1100TL/1600TL/2300TL/3000TL/3300TL/4400TL/5200TL
  • SolarRiver Dual: 3400TL-D/4000TL-D/4500TL-D/5000TL-D/5200TL-D/6000TL-D
  • SolarLake: 5500TL-PM/7000TTL-PM/8500TL-PM/10000TL-PM/15000TL-PM/17000TL-PM/20000TL-PM/25000TL-PM/30000TL-PM

Can’t find your inverter listed here? Get in touch with our friendly service team and we’ll let you know how we can help.

Modern Samil inverters are complicated units that require proper maintenance in order to remain at peak effectiveness. Thankfully, we at Solargain use a thorough process for monitoring, testing and repairing Samil Inverters.

In most cases, once our specially-trained technicians have visited your property and inspected your inverter, they will source replacement parts from the manufacturer, repair the faulty parts themselves or if the system cannot be repaired recommend a new system. If we do need to recommend a new system, our close relationships with manufacturers worldwide allows us to offer low prices to help you get the lights back on sooner.

Samil inverters are covered by a 5-year warranty. If your unit is still under warranty, we’re happy to assist you with a claim, but you should be aware there will be a site visit fee upon receipt of the stock. You should also know that Samil Power does have a lengthy claim review process, so you may have a long wait ahead of you.

To claim warranty, we will need the following:

  • Product model
  • Serial (sticker on the side of inverter)
  • Copy of the invoice or proof of purchase
  • Amount and type of panels
  • Error details from the screen

If your Samil inverter is no longer under warranty, we can still come to your home and try to repair it. If the unit is not repairable, we can bring a replacement option to exchange in one visit in order to save you money and get everything back up and running sooner.

Solar power is a fantastic investment for cutting both your greenhouse gas emissions and your electricity bills. In order to ensure you’re getting the greatest efficiency out of your system we strongly recommend that you monitor it regularly. 

If you have a Samil Power inverter, it should be displaying a green Normal light as it runs during the day. To check your system’s performance, use the function button to take you to the second page. This page will have an E-total on the top line like the example below. The E-total figure refers to the cumulative energy production your system has generated since installation.

To work out your average daily production, just record the difference between your E-Total figure at the start and end of each month.

For example:

  • E-Total on 1st January is 1100
  • E-Total on 1st February is 1300

January’s Monthly Yield is therefore 200 units (1300 less 1100)

January’s Average Daily Yield is, therefore, 6.45kwh (200 monthly yield divided by 31 days in January)

You also can check this figure against the averages provided to you in your Solargain Customer User Manual given to you in the black handover folder when your system was installed. If you cannot find this manual please call our team at Solargain on 1300 73 93 55 and we will send you a new one.

Pressing the function button again will take you to the next page, E-today. This tells you your energy production for the day. Since it is a daily reading, the best indication of production will be towards the end of the day, while the sun is still up and the inverter is still running.


Sometimes in the morning and late afternoon, as the inverter is turning on or off, it will display a red fault light and make clicking noises. This is to be expected as part of normal operation and isn’t cause for any alarm. You should also note that the inverter’s sound increases as it works harder and produces more wattage. Any internal issues with the inverter will be detected by the device and will cause the fault light to be displayed permanently.

If there is ample sunlight outside and your inverter is displaying a red fault light, you will need to conduct a reset. 

If, after resetting, the red light is still on, please retrieve the error code displayed on the screen as well as your serial number from the side of the inverter, and contact our service team on 1300 73 93 55 and we will happily assist you to resolve the issue.

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