Monitoring the performance of your inverter is an important way to ensure it runs efficiently. All SLK models have an in-built functionality to check the inverter’s ‘yield’ – which is the amount of solar energy your system produces. Changes in system yield can occur for a number of reasons – including changing seasons, shade over panels, simple inverter malfunctions or more complicated technical problems. Whilst Solar King inverters are generally reliable, regular monitoring helps you to detect irregularities early, meaning less time off the grid and continued energy savings.

Yield Monitoring Guide

If you have a Solar King inverter, it should display a blue power light to indicate that it is running normally during the day.

To scroll through the inverter’s menu, use the black button on the bottom left hand side of the screen. If you press this button the first page that will display is Working Mode followed by OP WATT.

The best indicator of performance is the reading which precedes KWH.

Press it again to show PV VOLT and then continue until you come to KWH.

The complete order of the screens is as follows: OP WATT > PV VOLT > GRID VOLT > GRID FREQ > O/P CUR > XXX.XX KWH > RATING=XX KW > M CPU VER XXX > S CPU VER XXX.

The end figure indicates the accumulative total of kilowatt hours your system has produced since installation.

To obtain your daily production, you simply need to record this figure first thing in the morning and then again later in the day. The difference in the figures will indicate the daily production of your system.

For example:

January 15, 8am: 100KWH

January 15 6pm: 110KWH

Therefore, your daily production is 10 kWh (110 less 100).

If you record this figure at the start and end of each month, the difference between the two figures will provide you with your monthly yield.
For a daily average, divide the difference by the number of days in between.

For example:

E-Total on January 1 is 1100

E-Total on February 1 is 1300

Therefore, January’s monthly yield is 200 units (1300 less 1100)

January’s average daily yield is 6.45 kWh (200 monthly yield divided by 31 days in January)


How do you check that your data is normal?

If you’re a Solargain customer you would have received a Solargain Customer User Manual in a black handover folder on the day of your installation. To check that your system is working correctly you can compare the data you record each month with the figures provided in the Manual.
If you cannot find your Manual, please call Solargain on 1300 73 93 55 and we will arrange to send a new one to you.