Solargain is proud to announce its association as a sponsor of the Western Australian Farmers Federation (Inc.) (WAFarmers).

WAFarmers represents the voice of farmers throughout Western Australia and is working towards a more viable, profitable and sustainable future for the agricultural industry.

As part of this pursuit, WAFarmers develops partnerships with companies, like Solargain, who provide a service to WAFarmers members, which place money directly back into farmers pockets


Solargain is the largest WA based supplier and installer of solar energy systems and over the last 5 years has earned a reputation as one of the most trusted retailers within the industry.

With the cost of power an essential and ever increasing burden Solargain is able to leverage its experience to assist farmers interested in deploying large scale solar energy solutions. Until recently, solar power systems required significant amounts of government subsidies to make them viable.


However, now due to falling system costs and increases in the cost of energy larger scale commercial solar systems are often now even more viable that residential ones.

How it works

The solar panels collect the sun’s light and convert it into current which flows through to an inverter changing it to standard usable mains power. The electricity produced by the panels is consumed by the business before you pull the remainder down from the grid therefore reducing your account by simply reducing the amount of billable power you use from the electricity supplier.
The panels produce the highest output when facing north, however can still be installed effectively in either a westerly or easterly direction. Inverters are best placed in a location where they are out of direct sun such as a shed.


Systems above 30kW

Very few solar companies in the WA solar market have experience and an understanding of how to go about obtaining Western Power approval for systems over 30kW with customers often being told the untruth that that 30kW is the maximum system size Western Power will approve.
Having sold and installed individual solar systems up to 300kW, Solargain understand the process you as the client have to go through and have access to the appropriate Electrical Engineering and Project Management resources to ensure systems of this size are delivered on time and on budget.


Financial returns

Most farmers are paying higher electricity rates during daylight hours (Monday - Friday) as a result of being on Peak and Off Peak tariffs with their electricity retailer and are therefore most suited to benefit from a solar system which is reducing power consumption during these peak times.
Depending upon the system size and the tariff the farmer is on the system will generally pay back its own purchase price with 3 – 5 years, providing a 20% - 30% return tax free and given the panels have a warranted output of 25 years the return is even higher over the lifespan of the system.


Buyer beware

The solar industry has proven to be quite volatile over the last 5 years with many different retailers entering the industry and then quickly leaving it. Anyone can sell you the ‘product’ but it is important to ensure they can install it according to the appropriate standard and be around well after the sale to ensure the appropriate level of service and support is given over the long life of the system – the ability to do this is the reason Solargain are the solar energy specialists.
Solargain delivers excellence in correct system design, quality equipment, the right systems size and is a reputable retailer.  As the cost of power continues to increase over the years you may well look back on your purchase of a large scale commercial solar system as one of the best decisions you made.

For more information please contact Keith Lynch on 08 9337 3344.

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