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Keep Your Solar at 100%
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Book a full service for your solar power system and a panel clean now!

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Keep the sun shining on your home with a solar service
Solar energy systems should be routinely serviced once a year to ensure they continue to work at maximum capacity for years to come, take advantage of this fantastic offer to keep yours going strong.

More details about this offer…

  • Only Available in WA's South West metro areas
  • A detailed clean of your inverter, in order to minimise dust and other matter affecting the electrical components
  • kW/h production tests of your system, to ensure it still meets expected energy outputs
  • Shade impact monitoring and advice where necessary
  • Inspection of the wiring integrity and wiring enclosures, ensuring that no damage has been caused by UV rays, heat, vermin or other forces
  • Anti-islanding tests
  • Junction box checks – ensuring they remain water-tight and free from moisture ingress
  • A test of all associated switches and circuit breakers to check that they are operational and all terminations are secure
  • Inspection and maintenance of all safety warning labels
  • Travel costs apply outside of our service area
  • A comprehensive clean of your panels*: removing dust, grit, bird droppings, residue, moss and any other debris that could be affecting efficiency
    *For an additional fee of $7.70 per panel



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