Battery Storage Range

LG CHEM Solar Batteries

LG Chem produces some of the highest quality and highest efficiency lithium-ion solar home batteries available in the market today. We offer a 6.5 kW and 10 kW battery from LG Chem,  both of which are compatible with most inverters currently on the market.

LG Chem systems are well known for the ease with which they can be installed and how clean they look in your home, with very little visible wiring or complicated systems. They are easy to use and enjoy fantastic high durability and efficiency. 

In addition, LG Chem RESU batteries are known for possessing the same astonishing levels of safety that LG car batteries have, the technology repurposed for home use. They meet and surpass all relevant international safety standards by a fair margin. The LG Chem RESU batteries are also compatible with SolarEdge’s StorEdge range, and when combined, users can take advantage of fantastic backup capabilities.


LG Chem has recently released a range of high-voltage (400 V) batteries. Convenient, high-performing and safe, the RESU H batteries are compatible with all the best inverter brands on the market. Charging your battery during off-peak times and discharging it during peak times saves you money on your power bill.
Storage Features
  • RESU high voltage batteries
  • RESU high voltage is a high-end product
  • safety-record technology as LG car batteries
  • International standard certification
The RESU6.5 is a ‘Residential Energy Storage Unit’ or RESU, which features a 48V lithium-ion battery with an integrated management system. Rather than allow energy to be sent back to the grid, the RESU 6.5 collects your home’s excess solar energy and uses it to offset rising energy costs during peak hours in the evening and late afternoon.
Storage Features