Solar installations in coastal locations must endure both high wind loads and corrosive salt exposure. To ensure the longevity of renewable energy systems near the coast we recommend specially designed mounting frames and solar panels with a proven track record in the most hostile of environments.

Mounting Systems

On flat roofs we use the Clenergy Tripod Tilt Frame system (15 or 30-degrees). The triangular design provides a stronger, sturdier base compared to the cheaper tilt legs that most other solar companies use. The Clenergy system is made from high quality, corrosion resistant materials including structural grade 10µm anodised aluminium alloy (AL6005-T5) and stainless steel (SUS304) engineered to withstand wind speeds up to 317 km/h. In addition, for installations within 500m of the coast, we use Class 5 Buildex roofing screws designed for corrosion zones classified as ‘very severe marine.’

Sunpower Solar Panels

The most robust choice for coastal installations are the SunPower Maxeon panels. The unique Maxeon cells are built on a solid copper foundation making them impervious to corrosion and the micro-cracks caused by strong coastal winds. Maxeon panels have passed the highest severity level of testing (IEC 61701 - Salt Mist Corrosion) and their anodised aluminium frame provides another layer of protection against the elements.

Learn more about micro-cracks here and check out this video to see how flexible SunPower Maxeon cells are.

The extreme durability of SunPower Maxeon cells is why they were chosen by NASA for their Grover, Helios and Pathfinder experiments, as well as many other record-setting / high-stress solar projects including:

  1. PlanetSolar Catamaran

  2. Solar Stratos

  3. Solar Impulse II

  4. Project Loon

  5. Phil Sharp Racing

  6. Lightyear One

  7. Solar Team Eindhoven (4 x World Champions of the Adelaide to Darwin solar car race)


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