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3 good reasons to choose LG NeON 2

LG has recently released the NeON 2, an award-winning solar module already labelled “the panel of the future”. From high performance to low degradation, great resistance, and superior warranty cover, the new model from LG ticks every box!

Whether you wish to make the switch to solar or to upgrade your current PV system, here are 3 good reasons to consider the LG NeON 2:


1. Produce more electricity and save more money

With extra wire busbars, double-sided cells, and better performance in hot weather and in low-light conditions, the NeON 2 is currently the most efficient solar panel on the market. It absorbs larger amounts of light during longer hours every day, resulting in higher power generation.

This allows you to use more energy from the sun and less from the grid. Plus, when you are ready to add a battery to your PV system, you can store some of the energy you’ve produced for later use, or send it back to the grid and be rewarded.


2. Increase the value of your property

LG’s NeON 2 is so efficient that less panels are needed to produce the same amount of power. This means you don’t need to install as many panels on your roof, saving you space for other appliances (such as a solar hot water system) or simply giving your roof a lighter look.

Besides its high performance, the new NeON module also has premium aesthetics. Its black cells & frame give it a smarter look, which will make your roof more attractive and your property more valuable.

Finally, the NeON 2 was designed to support future home features such as battery storage and electric vehicles.


3. Preserve the environment

Going solar will already participate in doing that, but choosing a sustainable panel manufacturer and solar installer will reduce your carbon footprint even further.

Last year, the Corporate Knights Organisation has ranked LG 44th of the 100 most sustainable corporations in the world. Moreover, the plant in which the NeON 2 modules are made is environmentally-friendly, with over 11,000 solar panels on its roof. The materials used to produce the panels are also free of ozone-depleting substances, in accordance with the Homogenous Substance Management system implemented by LG Electronics. Finally, the technology used in LG panels enables them to generate more clean energy than standard modules.

In addition to selecting a clean panel brand, ensure the company you choose to install or service your system is also eco-friendly. By commissioning Solargain, a Carbon Neutral Green Partner, you can rest assured that special attention is paid at every level.


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