Submitted by Andrew on Mon, 26/07/2021 - 15:21
The ACT sustainable household scheme

The Australian Capital Territory state government has established themselves as forerunners to the solar energy revolution, offering a variety of schemes to help their residents install solar energy technologies. Their latest initiative is the Sustainable Household Scheme, offering interest free loans of $2,000 up to $15,000.

Open across a number of technologies, including solar energy systems and solar energy storage units, this scheme is a fantastic way for residents to install a solar energy system. With ACT’s particularly high energy prices, the savings homeowners will enjoy from their solar energy system will often entirely offset their interest-free monthly repayments.

Though an exciting scheme, this is hardly a new initiative from the ACT government, who have a long history of encouraging their residents to act smart with renewable technologies. With the emergence of improving solar energy storage technologies, they have quite enthusiastically encouraged the installation of such devices.

They have done so both with this scheme, and others such as the Next Gen Battery Storage program, which offers a rebate on battery systems to reduce the cost for homeowners seeking to save with storage systems, which are a fantastic way to increase a home’s solar energy consumption rates, and further reduce its reliance on the grid. It’s definitely worth noting that these two schemes can be combined.

But to provide further details on the Sustainable Household Scheme, this scheme allows residents to borrow up to $15,000 cumulatively across a number of loans to be repaid over a course of 10 years. This allows them to install a solar energy system, then install solar hot water or a solar energy storage system further down the line.

One can even spend more than $15,000 if necessary, but when doing so, anything over that amount will be a separate payment or loan with interest. The loan can even be applied to other renewable products such as Electric Vehicles, stovetops and vehicle charging infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the Next Gen Battery program offers a rebate on any battery which fits within the requirements that are outlined here. Combining these two schemes, along with the STC’s automatically included to discount the price of your solar energy system allows anyone to enjoy the fantastic savings that are available from installing a solar energy system, which, with these schemes, is easier than ever to complement with a solar energy storage system.

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