27th Aug 2014
5 Ways To Prep Your Place For Spring
The winter freeze has just about come to an end and now that spring is upon us, there’s (almost) no excuse to roll up your sleeves and get busy around your home. Here are 5 ways to blow off the dust of winter and prepare your place for spring and the warmer months! 1. Breathe Easy With Clean Air Now that the weather is heating up, chances are you’ll soon be reaching for the remote of your air-conditioning unit. The only problem is that most units lay dormant all throughout winter, collecting plenty of dust, germs and allergens in the process. Before using your air-con, clean the exterior
18th Aug 2014
New Solar Panel Tech Changing The Way You Charge
(The above photo courtesy of the Daily Telegraph) Innovation in solar power technology seems to be constant, with fantastic new ideas and devices challenging the way we use the sun’s infinite energy in our daily lives. While we’re often hearing about international solar energy breakthroughs, a young Australian has captured attention with new technology that has plenty of potential. Joseph Giorgio, a student at Wollongong University’s Intelligent Polymer Research Institute has been working on a solar panel unlike the ones we’re accustomed to today. Lightweight and paper-thin, the panels are
7th Aug 2014
Solar Power Investment In Australia Waning
Recurrent Energy, one of the largest solar power plant developers from the US, has recently announced the closure of its Australian office, citing uncertainty over the Renewable Energy Target (RET) as a major factor in their decision. ‘Recurrent is slowing down their investment in the Australian market pending the outcome of RET and will manage it from [the] USA’ said Colin Liebmann, Recurrent Energy project development manager in Australia. Only recently Recurrent Energy announced that it had a number of large-scale solar PV projects in the pipeline for Oz, worth $3b in potential investments