27th Oct 2014
VIC Jobs
The Clean Energy Council (CEC) recently released a paper outlining five innovative ideas that could help generate more than 2000 jobs in Victoria. Titled, Quick Clean Energy Jobs For Victoria – the paper explores how a raft of jobs in clean energy sectors like solar power and solar hot water could be added quickly by making a number of simple tweaks to policy. These measures, according to the CEC, are particularly important to Victoria which has felt the impact of decisions by several major Victorian-based manufacturers to exit the Australian market. The CEC paper contends that ‘the state
21st Oct 2014
For the first time ever, customers installing Solargain’s super-efficient hot water systems can now proclaim ‘I got it at Kambo’s!’ We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with Kambo’s – one of Western Australia’s most trusted and leading retailers in household consumer appliances. As of October 2014, you’ll now be able to find our cutting-edge range of hot water systems in the Joondalup, Canning Vale and two Malaga (retail and commercial) Kambo’s stores. In many ways, Solargain’s new partnership with Kambo’s is a match made in heaven – with both company’s sharing a similar attitude
8th Oct 2014
James Cameron
James Cameron, it seems, doesn’t do anything by halves. This is reflected not only in his impressive career, but in his personal pursuits as well. From directing the two biggest box office films of all time, to holding the record as the first person to reach the bottom of the Mariana Trench – the deepest part of the ocean – on his own, Cameron lives life on a large scale. But back to his role in Hollywood. You’ve probably heard of the two films he’s directed which we touched on earlier; Titanic and Avatar. The original version of the latter not only took an incredible 10 years to create, but