March 2015 Blog Archive

12th Mar 2015
Solar Incentives Are Still Available
There’s no doubting it. Renewable energy is one of the hot topics of 2015. And whilst the debate around the state of solar rages on in Government and the media, it’s not always easy to gain a crystal clear idea of the incentives that come with making the switch. Whilst the misinformation regarding solar can sometimes muddy the waters, you can rest assured that solar is here to stay and there’s still plenty of reasons to get on board. Up-Front Savings - STCs Most residential solar owners can continue to take advantage of a rebate (or STCs – Small Scale Technology Certificates) when purchasing
12th Mar 2015
smart apps
Welcome to the age of apps. Smart phone apps that is. Where pretty much every part of your day can be enhanced, simplified, tracked and recorded by a little square thumbnail that sits on your phone’s background. Incredible isn’t it? OK, so maybe not all apps are that life enriching… Luckily for you, we’ve sorted through the sea of apps out there to bring you five ‘greeny’ favourites that will help you to make a positive impact on our environment. CarbonTrack If you tracked your business’ carbon footprint, would you like what you saw? CarbonTrack is an app designed to give businesses an idea of
12th Mar 2015
solar plane
The true power of solar energy never ceases to amaze us here at Solargain. And its seemingly limitless potential is about to be witnessed on a global scale with two Swiss pilots attempting the first flight around the world in a solar-powered plane. That’s right, the plane will soar over the entire circumference of planet Earth over five historic months on nothing but clean, sustainable, renewable solar energy – not a drop of fuel needed here. Solar Impulse 2 is the state-of-the-art solar-powered plane in question. The plane is ultra-light (no heavier than a standard family car) largely due to

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