22nd May 2015
Bipartisan Renewable Energy Target Reached
Finally… a deal over Australia’s renewable energy target has been reached. Nearly two years after the Abbott Government first decided they wanted to reduce the RET, a bipartisan target has been agreed upon. The renewable energy industry can now move forward with more clarity, certainty and confidence. While many renewable energy companies will agree that so much more can still be done to ensure a successful, sustainable future, a definitive RET provides a more helpful vision of the playing field for businesses and investors alike. The New RET After the 2013 election and RET review that soon
13th May 2015
Tesla Power to The People
Solar Batteries May Allow Households To Reap Profits from Surplus Energy The feed-in tariff from excess power generated by solar panels is one of the great incentives for potential solar energy customers. While solar panel owners are rightly rewarded for the extra energy they send back to the grid, they have little to no control in determining the price of that energy, nor when they decide to share it. Imagine if you, as a solar owner, were able to pull all the strings – to store surplus solar energy in your own device and to sell it at a profit when demand is high. Your home would be a
4th May 2015
UPDATE: Solar Impulse 2 Crosses China
In case you missed it, two Swiss pilots took off last month on an around the globe voyage in Solar Impulse 2 – a plane fuelled by nothing other than clean, renewable solar energy. The momentous journey is a world first, and despite some inclement weather conditions, the team is on track for a successful result. The sixth leg of the flight is now complete, with Solar Impulse 2 taking a well-earned rest stop in China where it will go through servicing for the next 10 days before preparing for a daunting five-day crossing of the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii. ‘The more I fly, the more energy I have in