30th Jun 2015
Australia’s energy sector is undergoing a revolution. For too long, fossil fuels have been the heavy hitters of energy production. Thankfully (and not a second too soon), team renewables has entered the fray with solar power as a key weapon. Importantly, the revolution has been consumer-driven. And with technology very much in tune with the energy-saving desires of the people, solar power is flourishing in Australia, even despite the recent tumultuousness caused by Tony Abbott slashing the Renewable Energy Target. Most homeowners today have the power of choice – that is, the choice of where
16th Jun 2015
Yeloha Solar Power Sharing
How An American Start-up Plans to Supply Solar Power to Those Without Panels For a small amount of people, solar panels just aren’t a viable option. They might be renting in a high rise. Or perhaps they live in an area where their roof is completely covered by shade. And while they would love to be creating their own clean, renewable solar energy each day, their living situation means that it’s not an option. But what if they could share solar energy with the panel-fitted home across the street? That’s exactly the idea American start up Yeloha have come up with. They’re looking to share the