30th Mar 2016
Batter Event Perth March 2016
Organised by Solargain for existing customers, suppliers, industry partners and general public, guests were invited to the exhibition suite at International on The Water in Ascot, WA. All in all it was a spectacular event, and we’d like to thank everyone who got involved – from our hardworking team, to all our special guests who contributed to the two very exciting sessions. The event showcased some of the most anticipated solar power products to hit the Australian market. These included home batteries from big names such as Enphase, Fronius and LGChem as well as the latest in solar panel
29th Mar 2016
earth hour
This year Earth Hour was on Saturday March 19 and a record number of countries and territories switched off some of their brightest landmarks in support. As grim reports continue to flood in surrounding the Earth’s rising temperature and the damage it’s causing, a show of support for climate action is not only important, but essential to our future. Just recently scientists claimed a ‘ climate emergency’ off the back of record heat around the globe in February – indeed, the time for the world’s countries to make good on promises made at the Paris Conference is now. But back to Earth Hour. A
22nd Mar 2016
Solargain - Official sponsors of the Fremantle Dockers
We’ve lined up the opportunity, kept our eye on the target, kicked… and scored official silver sponsorship status with the Fremantle Football Club. The crowd goes wild! We couldn’t be more excited to announce this brilliant news. Just like many of our customers around Australia, we’re big fans of the AFL and so the opportunity to support one of its leading teams is quite an honour. But there’s something particularly special to us about the Fremantle Dockers. The team from Perth’s south not only shares our birthplace city, but was officially admitted into the AFL competition in 1995 – the same
22nd Mar 2016
Whatever name you use, the same meaning applies to these revolutionary batteries that are set to feature in millions of Australian homes over the next few years. Put simply, solar batteries help you get the most out of your solar panels. They allow you to store electricity for later use during the evening or during blackouts and in some cases, provide the potential to go off-grid. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves! Here’s a breakdown of all you need to know about home solar batteries: What Are They? The generation of home solar batteries we’re talking about use the latest lithium-ion
7th Mar 2016
Solar Then Vs Now – How Much Can Change In 8 Years?
We don’t know about you, but 2008 doesn’t seem like that long ago to us. Yet in the context of solar power, that short span of time from when solar panels first started making their way into Australia, to now, represents a huge shift in affordability and tech. It’s hard to think that ten years ago there wasn’t really a solar PV panel in sight (especially when you look around Australia’s suburbs today). Back in 2008 when they first started to become available to homeowners, you’d pay around $3,000 for a 1 kW system (1 kW inverter) – and that was after an $8,000 government rebate and another $1