28th Jul 2016
What It Takes To Be A Quality Solar Supplier
Eggs, milk, flour & butter. If you gave those ingredients to a toddler, would you expect them to make a delicious soufflé? Or a mess of your kitchen? Plenty of customers shopping for solar go through hours of research to identify good panel and inverter brands, but then make the mistake of choosing a solar company to install those products for the cheapest price. That's a recipe for disaster! Choosing good solar panels and a quality inverter is only the first step towards a smooth experience. In a recent study by CHOICE on solar power installations, 25% of people said they had to report faults
14th Jul 2016
solar inverter monitoring
How To Monitor Your Solar Inverter So you’ve installed a solar power system. Now all you have to do is sit back and relax for the next few decades whilst it takes care of all the hard work. Right? Sort of. If you’ve installed a good quality system, there’s no reason why it won’t run smoothly and efficiently for many years. But nevertheless, switching to solar isn’t a ‘set and forget’ exercise. It’s still important that you service your system annually as well as monitor your inverter regularly to ensure it’s doing what it’s supposed to. Once you’ve mastered monitoring your inverter, you’ll