24th Mar 2017
Hot Water System
Is your old hot water system due for replacement? The day has finally come for you to replace your old hot water system. All those years of wear and tear, extreme temperatures, corrosion and exposure to the elements have taken their toll. Yet, where should you start looking for a suitable replacement? What’s the most affordable and efficient approach, taking into account your existing set-up? These are questions we hear on a daily basis at Solargain. To help you choose the best replacement for your household, we’ve put together some recommendations based on the type of hot water system you
23rd Mar 2017
WA Election
With Western Australia’s conditions well suited to solar power and over 220,000 solar power systems now installed in Western Australia, there is no denying our love for clean, green energy. However, with a change of government, you might have been wondering what the future holds for renewable energy and solar power in Western Australia since Mark McGowan and WA Labor won the recent state election. We take a look at the impact Premier McGowan’s election commitments might have on this important industry. First up is his commitment to invest in innovative technologies for the state’s jobs future