18th May 2017
Time to go solar
With higher feed-in tariffs, more affordable solar panels, increasingly productive PV systems and valuable STCs, now is the time to make the switch to solar! 5 compelling reasons to go solar: Rising energy costs As energy costs in Australia continue to soar, solar is considered a low-cost energy option. With electricity prices across the country set to further increase from July 2017, switching to solar now only makes sense. Continuing government incentives Upfront government incentives are still available and can account for a significant percentage of the upfront cost of the system so, even
5th May 2017
phoenix companies
If you are shopping for solar, you may have been warned about phoenix companies which, like their namesake, are reborn from their ashes. But how much do you really know about them and, more importantly, about how to avoid them? What is a phoenix company? Although there is no legal definition of a phoenix company, the Australian Securities & Investments Commission, describes this practice as an illegal activity involving “t he intentional transfer of assets from an indebted company to a new company to avoid paying creditors, tax or employee entitlements.” In order words, phoenix companies are