August 2017 Blog Archive

29th Aug 2017
How to plan for solar when building a home
Building a new home is an exciting yet challenging process. Researching the best suburbs, finding the perfect block of land, choosing the right builder and the seemingly endless decisions about colours, fittings and furnishings - so many things to consider! Have you included solar power on your list? If you're thinking about installing solar power in your new home (either as part of the build or later on) we highly recommend you start planning for it now. The following tips will save you money, time and regrets later on, by getting your solar installation right, from the start. Lay of the land
3rd Aug 2017
How much could you save with solar?
Our 3-step guide to saving money on power bills: Step 1 - Going Solar Here is a simulation of your potential savings compared to the same usage without solar power. Please note that solar power systems produce 2 to 3 times more energy in summer than in winter, so your summer bills are a lot lower in the summer months. However, we have taken that into account, and the consumption data provided below are yearly averages. If you install a 5kW solar power system on your roof, which produces 22.5kWh per day, your production for the September-October billing period (61 days) will be 1372.5kWh. If

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