25th Oct 2017
summer saving tips
Stay cool and save money this summer with these clever ideas for cutting your power bill. #1: Ensure your air con is ‘working smarter, not harder’ Resist the temptation to turn your air con on full-boar, in the hope that it’ll cool the room down faster. (All that does is chew up electricity!) Instead, set your air conditioner to around 25°C with a moderate fan speed. Slow and steady wins the race when cooling your home affordably. #2: Stop the leaks and block out the heat Be on the lookout for places where cold air can escape from your air conditioned room, like under doorways and via open
5th Oct 2017
istore heat pumps
Take control of your solar electricity In the past, if your solar panels produced more electricity than your household used, it made good financial sense to export that excess electricity back to the grid. In return, your electricity company would pay you anywhere between 20c-50c/kWh of electricity. However, lucrative feed-in tariffs like that are now a distant memory, with power companies only paying around 5c-12c/kWh these days. Given that you’ll be paying much more than that to buy electricity back off the grid at night (between 25c-40c/kWh depending on your electricity supplier), you’re