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18th Apr 2019
5 easy ways to reduce your emissions
If you’re like many Australians out there, and are concerned about the environment but not too sure how you can make a real difference, then you’re not alone. According to the 2018 Australian Department of Environment and Energy’s emissions report, combustion of fossil fuels to generate electricity was deemed one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions. This really is not that surprising, as fossil fuel combustion is heavily relied on as a source of electricity across Australia and around the world. So then why is it important for us, as consumers, to start reducing our emissions? And
4th Apr 2019
5 easy ways to reduce your emissions
Unfortunately, many consumers in Australia have found that their solar retailers have liquidated or left the country, leaving them as what’s known as a ‘Solar Orphan’. So what do you do when your solar provider is no longer around? On December 28th, 2018 – A Current Affair did a brief story on “Solar Orphans” which started an important conversation amongst the industry and consumers alike. Various concerns have been raised including warranty issues, completion of installations and company liability – more importantly, what should consumers do if their solar company is no longer around? Leaving

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