31st Aug 2020
What does the DEBS mean for me?
If you’ve been paying attention to any energy news networks lately, you might have seen a lot of discussion in WA about something called the DEBS, and how it will be replacing something else called the REBS. For the uninitiated, this can seem like just a hot mess of proper nouns and acronyms, so let us take a moment to explain what all this means and how you may be impacted or may be able to benefit from it. What is the REBS The Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (or REBS) is the current scheme in place for West Australians utilising solar in their homes but not benefitting from an exclusive Feed
11th Aug 2020
Solar Gadgets
Renewable energy and specifically solar energy has been a hot topic of innovation for the last decade and more. Endlessly creative souls come up with new devices, new applications and new uses for solar energy, on top of improving the efficiency and manufacture of more traditional panels and inverters. Read on below to see some of the more recent exciting inventions that have come about. 7. Farming Robots The agricultural sector is one that has always had one of the keenest interests in both automation and renewable technologies. The solar robot is an application of both. All around the world