26th Apr 2024
Solargain Wins Tesla Performance award
Solargain is proud to have won the Tesla Performance Excellence Award for Q1 this year. We have achieved a YOY growth of 130% in Tesla Powerwall battery installations across Australia in the last nine months to achieve this award. Tesla Powerwall The Tesla Powerwall battery is a highly intelligent rechargeable battery which automatically registers when a blackout occurs and keeps your lights on until the grid comes back online. Its advanced technology, stunning design and easy installation makes it a great choice for homeowners looking for more energy independence and versatility when it comes
12th Apr 2024
Solargain Wins Canstar Award 2024
Solargain is proud to be presented with the "2024 Most Satisfied Customers - Solar Installers" award by Canstar Blue. We earned an exceptional 5 stars across the ‘Installation Process’, ‘Durability’, ‘Customer Service’, 'Set-up Cost' and ‘Overall Satisfaction’ categories, leading to the award, '2024 Most Satisfied Customers' across all Solar Installers. Canstar Blue has rated Solargain at the highest level for 'Most Satisfied Customers' of Solar Installers in Australia for 2024 . This is the 3rd time we have won the acclaimed award over the last 4 years. Thousands of customers across the
10th Apr 2024
Energy Efficient Homes Talk - Solar Dwellings - Sustainable House Day 2024
Solargain is excited to be a part of the Sustainable House Day community event hosted by Solar Dwellings in Perth. The Energy Efficient Homes Talk on Saturday 20th April 2024 will include talks from sustainability experts and the opportunity to meet with energy efficient homeowners at Home Base, Subiaco. New to Solar? Hear from Solargain’s solar expert, Ricardo Merlacco, as he shares his knowledge about solar panels, batteries and heat pumps. There will be the opportunity to ask your own questions, learn how solar works and find out what you need to know before switching to solar. Energy