31st May 2024
Solar installation - Yokine Perth Case Study
iStore Solar and Battery Installation with Solargain Solargain's Senior Solar Consultant, Ricardo, talks us through a recent solar and battery installation for Anthony's home in Yokine, Western Australia. Anthony chose to upgrade his existing solar energy system with a new iStore setup including a battery. He wanted a flexible system allowing him the option to increase the capacity of the battery in the future. Anthony and his family are now 96% self sufficient in their home energy consumption, resulting in significant cost savings. Watch the video to find out more about how you can start the
29th May 2024
Victorian Solar Rebate
Join more than 350,000 Victorians in taking control of their energy bills by making the switch to solar. If you’re a Victorian householder you may be eligible for a solar rebate and/or interest-free loan, thanks to the Victorian Government solar energy program. What is the Solar Homes Program? The Solar Homes Program offers eligible Victorian households rebates and interest-free loans for installing solar panels, batteries, heat pumps or solar hot water systems, to help more Victorians save with solar. Eligible households can apply for a: Solar Panel Rebate: A rebate of $1,400 to install solar
22nd May 2024
EV Charger and BYD Dolphin Electric Car
Starting July 1st, the government will expand its successful rebate program for Zero Emissions Vehicles (ZEVs). The government will invest an additional $5.2 million in the scheme to keep up with the growing demand as more Western Australians switch to electric vehicles (EVs). Since its launch, over $20 million has been paid out in rebates, with more than 5,900 ZEV applications approved so far. The ZEV rebate, part of the Clean Energy Car Fund, has seen a significant increase in EV sales in Western Australia since its introduction in 2022. Up to March 31st, 2024, over 6,500 rebate applications