Submitted by Andrew on Mon, 13/07/2020 - 14:44
Australia’s First Solar Installation

We were lucky enough to get to replace a historic solar energy system, this year. The very first solar energy system that was installed in Victoria, as well as being only the second system Australia-wide, and the second residential system to be grid-connected. It was installed in 1996 and lasted the owners an astonishing 23 years, but eventually, all good things come to an end, and when it came time to replace the system, it was the Solargain team that they turned to, putting their trust in our 20 years experience in the solar energy industry.

The original system operated on only a 2 kW array, and the installation was operated by the council-owned Brunswick electricity supplier, which, during the 1990s became part of CitiPower. 25% of the costs of the system were provided by CitiPower to encourage this first installation and get the solar ball rolling in Victoria. 

With gas and solar, as well as efficient use of appliances, it was estimated that even with only a 2 kW system, the home had cut its emissions by 90% even when, for much of the years it was operational, the home held a family of four - two adults and two children. Being the first in the state, they were on a 72-cent tariff, and the system routinely earned them money throughout its lifespan by exporting energy back to the grid.

Though, the system required a little bit of maintenance, being cleaned 4-5 times throughout their period and the fan of the system’s inverter needing to be replaced at one point.

The site’s original system was made up of a CSA 2.5 kW TC500 grid inverter and 23 x 83 W panels by SolarX, which were Australian-made panels. However, when Amico (who manufactured SolarX panels) merged with BP, they discontinued the panels, meaning we had to find something to replace this storied system.

Reviewing the home’s continued needs and how its electricity usage patterns had developed over the many years the previous system had served it, our technicians chose to replace it with a Growatt 2000-S Single MPPT 2 kW inverter along with 6 x JinkoSolar 330 W JKM330M-60H panels.

The system owners couldn’t be happier with their new system, and already, it’s done a fantastic job supplying for their energy needs. If you’d like to see how the Solargain team can help you, you can contact us here or on 1300 73 93 55.