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 Be One of the Brightest with a solar battery

Now’s the time to be one of the brightest by joining thousands of other South Australians and get a home battery.  After, with some of the highest electricity prices in the nation (up to 40c per kWh), the more you can rely upon your solar energy system the better.

And a battery lets you do just that, storing the excess energy generated by your solar energy system during the day for later use in the evening when electricity is at its most expensive. With more than 26,000 South Australians having already installed solar energy storage systems, now’s the time to get on board.

    “I kept bragging about my electricity bill to my friends” - Wendy from North Plympton, Home Battery Scheme customer.

Reasons to get a solar home battery

Not only does a home battery shred your power bill by letting you store solar energy for when you need it most, it also allows you to enter into virtual power plants, which more than 7,700 homes have done already. Joining a virtual power plant allows you to access incentives such as upfront discounts, lease-to-own plans, reward payments, low electricity tariffs and bill credits. 
    “I don’t know why everybody isn’t doing it” - Richard from Leabrook, Home Battery Scheme customer.

The Government Solar Battery Scheme

Did you know that in 2020, 29% of all home batteries installed in Australia were installed in South Australia and there’s a good chance that numbers are going to be even higher by the end of 2021!

This is due in no small part to the Home Battery Scheme run by the South Australian government. The scheme allows South Australian residents to access subsidies as high as $2,000. This can make it substantially easier for residents to access home battery systems. 

When the Home Battery Scheme launched back in 2018, batteries were substantially more expensive than they are now, with prices having fallen bit by bit every year. Now, installing a battery system as part of a solar energy system is an extremely practical decision for those wanting to make the most of their possible savings.

South Australia is leading not just Australia, but the whole world in terms of battery installations, it’s clear plenty can see the benefits. Want to learn more about them for yourself? Read on here.

“In the first 12 months of owning the battery my cost of electricity was about 50 cents per day. Without a solar and battery it would have been about $6 per day” - Toby from West Beach, Home Battery Scheme customer.

What is a solar home battery?

While we don’t have room to get into the nitty gritty specifics of the inner workings of a solar energy storage system here. If you’d like to learn exactly how and why energy storage systems provide such fantastic benefits for your home you can check out these pages to see how battery systems work, and the benefits of battery systems.

    “Environment was a factor in my decision because I’ve got three small kids and they’re gonna grow up in the world and solar and battery systems is that answer” - David from Morphett Vale, Home Battery Scheme customer.

Where to get started with solar home batteries?

If you’d like to see what solar battery storage systems are available and what specials we currently have on offer check our our Battery Product Range and our Battery Special Offers.