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Solar Hot Water-Comparing Systems

Solar hot water systems are pretty great.

Not only can they slash your electricity costs by a significant margin, but they add value to your property and contribute to a greener planet – and that’s a good feeling.

But comparing solar hot water systems, and choosing from the countless brands and products available can be tricky.

Before Solargain became one of the largest suppliers of solar panels in Australia, we were exclusively a hot water company. Our roots stretch back to 1995 as a one-man plumbing business which, over the years, has grown rapidly thanks to quality products and workmanship.

Today we’re one of the biggest solar hot water companies in the country, and we proudly stock our own range of Solargain-branded systems (as well as products from other leading brands). If you’re comparing solar hot water systems, you should definitely include us on your shopping list. Here’s why:

Designed By Plumbers For Australian Conditions:

Unlike many competitors, our range of Solargain-branded hot water systems have been designed by plumbers specifically for Australian conditions. We offer a full range of solar hot water products, including roof and ground-mount systems with both electric and gas boosting. Other brands we carry such as Dux, Quantum and Rheem also have a significant Australian presence which is important when it comes to after-sales care (more on that below).



The Solargain range of hot water systems are competitively matched with systems from other brands. Like any investment if you’re shopping for solar hot water systems it’s important to compare apples with apples. Make sure you’re comparing specifications between solar hot water systems of the same style, size and output.

Another consideration is where the supplier is based. For example, since Solargain is a 100% Australian owned and operated company you can be assured that after-sales support will be available if you need it. This is especially true for our Solargain-branded range, as well as the other brands we carry which all have Australian-based offices. 
Making service and/or warranty claims with other brands that are based overseas can result in lengthy delays waiting for parts and/or labour. 


Installation And Plumber Quality

We’re confident in the quality and reliability of all the solar hot water brands we stock.

Adding to this, it’s important to note that we train most of our plumbers from apprenticeship through to fully-qualified tradesperson – and we conduct regular audits on workmanship. When comparing solar hot water products also ensure they’ll be installed by a qualified plumber who adheres to regulation.

As a mark of our quality and safety compliance Solargain is an ISO:9001 and AS/NZS 4801 accredited company. Don’t settle for anything less when choosing your solar hot water installer.

Ready to see some quality hot water gear?

Check out our full range of solar hot water products, or get in touch with our team if you have any questions.