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Evergen Home Energy Management Software | Solar Energy


We’re proud to have partnered with the Evergen team in order to offer our ACT customers the very best in home energy management systems free of charge for the lifetime of the system, when processed through Solargain. Saving our customers more money and making better use of their energy.

What is a Home Energy Management System?

Check out this video below for a useful outline, then read on to learn more.



Developed  in order to help accelerate the global transition to renewable energy, Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) are rapidly gaining popularity the world over, and with good reason. HEMS' help households by helping to optimise their solar and battery investments in order to better manage electricity demand and consumption within the home. 

Able to be linked with a variety of home appliances, such as hot water systems and air conditioning, the Evergen Intelligent Control optimisation system, uses up-to-date pricing information, weather sensitive predictions as well as site load predictions. It uses all of this information in order to create intelligent activation schedules for these appliances, resulting in efficient running times that work to better optimise how those systems interact with the home's battery and solar energy systems. 

This intelligent operation and optimisation allows a homeowner to immediately begin saving an average of 26.4% on their electricity bill, on top of the savings they were already receiving from their solar energy system.

Evergen’s battery optimisation software takes this even further by minimising the cost of drawing energy from the grid and also granting greatly enhanced monitoring capabilities. As it is linked into the entirety of your home's electrical system the HEMS allows you to monitor how your solar energy system is producing energy as well as what in your home is responsible for consumption levels so that you can take further steps to continue to optimise your power usage.

The Evergen app also keeps you up to date on all the relevant information you could need to predict your system's output. This includes upcoming weather forecasts and predictions of how these will affect your solar energy production, current and upcoming tariff changes as well as consumption predictions based on your recorded habits. All this combines to give you the best possible data from your system to help you shape your energy usage.

The Evergen Home Energy Management system also allows your home to take part in eligible Virtual Power Plants in order to support your community with clean energy and be rewarded with incentives in return. You can learn more about their systems here.

What is a Virtual Power Plant?

A Virtual Power Plant takes the combined energy of hundreds, if not thousands of homes generating solar energy stored in a battery, and uses them to inject renewable energy into the grid at light-speed to address any frequency or voltage imbalances and keep the energy network stable. 

Virtual Power Plants also allow Network Operators request when homes export energy to the grid in order to ensure it is only received when needed, and, as the name suggests, allows homes to functionally act as a 'power plant', when taken all together. This methodology has quickly gained popularity in Australia and is being rolled out in many parts of the nation, with many incentives included.

As you can see there are a wide array of benefits to including Evergen Home Energy Management systems along with your battery system, especially considering it can be added to your Solargain installed solar energy system free of charge and for the lifetime of the system. Check out the video below for a testimonial from happy users of the Evergen Home Energy Management system.