Five Ways to Go Back To School the Green Way

Slurpies have been slurped. Cricket balls have gone through windows. Blow up pools have been well and truly popped. And to the relief of parents all across the country, school is almost back in session. Phew.

This time around, consider going green when stocking up and sending your child off for the big year ahead. Luckily, we’ve done the homework for you. So take your seat and go to school on our five simple tips below.

1. Travel Smarter

Taking the bus, carpooling, riding/walking to school are simple ways to reduce your family’s carbon footprint. Take turns with other parents in the neighbourhood to get the little ones to school. Or if you live close by, walking or riding isn’t just easy on the environment, but excellent for your child’s health and development.

2. Pack an Eco-Friendly Lunch Box

Most supermarkets have plenty of great lunchboxes with in-built compartments (so you don’t have to triple-wrap everything in plastic). Pack a reusable water bottle and avoid individually packaged foods.

3. Buy Recycled

Simple, but seriously helpful. Supplies made from recycled materials are becoming more common. Need a new backpack? Get one made from recycled plastics. Pencils made from recyclables are a must and you can even find whiteout film made mostly from recycled materials these days too.

Also keep an eye out for: paper and notebooks made from recycled materials, biodegradable plastics and supplies that aren’t ridiculously over-packaged.

4. Tone it Down

We all want to make sure our kids have the necessary tools to excel in school.  But it’s important not to overdo it. It’s easy to overbuy, but going a little crazy usually results in waste. Buy only enough supplies for the year ahead and if you do happen to have too much, store it all away so you don’t need to repurchase new supplies for next year.

5. Practice What You Preach

In so many ways, children mirror the actions of their parents. When it comes to being green, set the example for your children so that they can take their positive habits into the school yard. Set up recycle bins at home, talk to your kids about the benefits of saving energy, and share your passion for sustainability!