Submitted by Andrew on Wed, 27/05/2020 - 09:36
The Future of Electric Vehicle Charging

SolarEdge’s integrated EV Charging HD-Wave inverter is an extremely exciting piece of new technology, and we, here, at Solargain, were lucky enough to get one of the first beta models to reach Australia to trial!

Proud Partners

We have been proud partners of SolarEdge for a long time, which is why they chose us to receive this fantastic new system for our office. We couldn’t ask for a better system than this for keeping our own beloved EV charged. 

We built her (the car), her own port to go with the new charger, the equipment for which was very generously supplied by Clenergy, with a roof built entirely out of solar panels. You can learn more about their fantastic Solar Carport installations here. How’s that for a renewable home (even if it is for a car)? Stationed right in our office car park, it couldn’t have been easier to set up.

Small, lightweight and easy to install, the new charging unit fits perfectly into the space provided, without the extra difficulties one would normally expect with installing a PV system and charging station. 

What makes it so special

The integrated EV Charging HD-Wave inverter is an award-winning world first. Released in a 5 kW capacity, the HD-Wave inverter includes an integrated EV Charger that operates independently of the inverter at night, allowing for solar only charging during the day. Alternatively, you can utilise combined solar + grid charging for up to four times faster charging than standard EV chargers using standard power.

Up to four times faster than a standard Level 1 charger; SolarEdge’s new combined system eliminates the need for separate EV chargers and inverters, linking your electric car’s charging port directly into your PV system, without requiring additional units, wiring or switchboard upgrades.

The system seamlessly integrates with SolarEdge’s smartphone monitoring app, mySolarEdge, giving you complete control of your home and vehicle’s energy. From tracking energy consumption, to remotely setting charging schedules and controlling grid energy usage, it gives greater control than ever of how your EV is operating.









With record-breaking 99% efficiency, and advanced safety features, along with a selection of different cable types and lengths, we really just can’t imagine a better EV charging solution than this.

What this means for the industry

The SolarEdge EV Charging single-phase inverter represents a significant step forward for the electric vehicle industry. The difficulty of charging them has often been one of the chief turn-offs for those interested in investing in an electric vehicle. 

By combining the charging station with an inverter, SolarEdge has made it much more practical for the average household to have an EV car and also moved us one step closer to a world where everyone can own a renewably powered vehicle.

We can’t wait for electric vehicles and charging stations just like SolarEdge’s, to become more ubiquitous in Australia. We are very proud to be the owners of one of the first EV Charging single-phase inverters, which are already picking up speed around Australia. If you’d like to learn more about these amazing systems, you can read more here or check out SolarEdge's flyer here. Or speak to one of our representatives on 1300 93 73 55 if you’d like to talk about setting your own home up with one of these systems.