Submitted by Andrew on Mon, 16/08/2021 - 15:29
Growatt, the #1 International Inverter Manufacturer

In 2020, only a decade after they first opened their doors, Growatt has become the world’s #1 inverter manufacturer by residential installations, claiming 16.6% percent market share worldwide. This report comes from the latest IHS Markit PV report, and represents a massive, undeniable achievement for Growatt.

We couldn’t be more proud of Growatt. After all, we’ve stocked their products for years and have a fantastic working relationship with them.

Many Australians struggle with warranty claims with international manufacturers. Meanwhile Growatt treats the people of Australia well, they have a local branch office and dedicated support office, to make sure their customers enjoy the very best here. That’s just one of many reasons we’ve proudly partnered with them for years.

Growatt established themselves with the mission of innovation and development of solar technologies, and this achievement is a testament to their dedication to this mission.

Lisa Zhang, the marketing director of Growatt had the following to say, “for residential solar, Growatt is the top choice for many. Our team pursues excellence, and a large number of tests are done and improvements made to ensure that the products installed worldwide perform reliably.”

Having been in the industry for more than a decade now, and having been working to improve their processes ever since their inception, the company has truly earned their reputation as a company dedicated to the production of high-quality, durable inverters. They have developed a five-step engineering process that acts as a comprehensive quality control system that they apply across all their products.

They are also the winner of 9 ‘Top Brand’ Awards by German market research company EUPD Research, recognizing Growatt’s leading position in terms of reliability, market penetration, brand awareness and satisfaction.

According to Zhang this constant innovation has been key to Growatt’s success. Their latest inverter series, the X series, brings together a sleek, compact design and a wide array of reliable, smart and safe functionalities.

These new inverters are popular both among customers and installers like us, thanks to their fantastic remote monitoring features which make maintenance easy, and reduce O&M costs, and their lightweight, aesthetically pleasing design.

Zhang believes that in the future, PV inverters will be considered an essential household ‘appliance’, as solar energy becomes more and more accessible and profitable for homeowners.

As part of this future, they work constantly with partners like our team here at Solargain, to make it easier and more convenient for customers the world over to access solar. Together, they believe we can make a difference for our customers, and for the health of our planet, as we move towards a greener future.