Submitted by Andrew on Thu, 16/06/2022 - 09:57
How to protect your home from rising energy prices

In July the Default Market Offer (DMO) energy pricing is set to rise by as much as 18.3%, representing as much as a $250 annual increase in power bills.

With inflation and fuel costs rising at the same time, and wage growth not keeping up, we need to start seriously considering ways to protect ourselves from these price hikes if we want to keep living life the way we’re accustomed to.

Thankfully, renewable energy technology represents a solution to many of these issues. A solar energy system allows you to take control of your home’s energy costs. And with the right size solar battery installed, you can achieve near total grid-independence. Furthermore, by also investing in an electric vehicle, you can escape rising fuel prices by leveraging your solar battery system to charge your car too.

But you may be thinking solar is too expensive to consider, especially with a battery. This is not the case. In many other industries, finance can be a risky decision. But in solar, it’s not only a practical but rewarding investment.

For example, a modest 6.6kW solar battery system may save you around $40 per week on your power bill. Meanwhile, a weekly Green Loan repayment would also be around $40. This means that your solar battery system is quite literally paying for itself.

On top of this, a solar battery system is so much more than a typical home improvement purchase. It’s an asset that will continue to earn you money by reducing your power costs long after the system has paid for itself. 

Think of it this way… Using a Green Loan to invest in a solar battery system is much like using a Home Loan to buy a house and escape the “Rent-Trap”. We all know paying off a mortgage makes better sense than throwing money away to a landlord. A solar battery system is just the same. Rather than forever throwing money to your electricity company, a Green Loan allows you to escape the “Power-Bill-Trap” by owning a renewable energy asset that pays for itself.

So, if you’re nervous about the upcoming electricity price hikes, and looking for a way to protect your home & wallet, get in touch with our team today through the form below or beat the rising costs with one of our currently available special offers. We’ll create a customised solution, perfect for your home’s needs, so you can start saving and stop stressing.