Submitted by Andrew on Tue, 28/07/2020 - 14:32
Just How Powerful is the Sun?

One of the most pervading questions in our culture today is how far renewable energies can really take us. After all, we’ve relied upon fossil fuels, oils and gas for so long, can renewable energies really meet our big wide world’s ever-growing demand for energy?

Yes, it can. That is just an undeniable fact. Every year, the efficiency of panels and solar energy systems improves, and they are being integrated into networks on a larger and larger scale - look no further than Tesla’s giant solar farm in Hawaii for proof on that front - and they’re only set to keep on improving from here. But is there enough energy hitting the Earth to provide for our needs?

Again, yes, there is. Not even counting other renewable energy sources, with enough systems out there, and a high enough level of efficiency, it’s just an undebatable fact that solar could provide for the world. How are we so certain of this? Simple: every second, the sun releases an estimated 384.6 yottawatts (3.846 x 10^26 watts) of energy. For perspective, a single yottawatt is the equivalent energy output of a hydrogen bomb, and a yottawatt is the largest measurement of wattage we have. And that’s every second!

Now, to be fair, only the tiniest portion of that energy actually reaches the Earth. A measly 430 quintillion joules of energy actually reaches us from the sun every hour. But, to put that number into perspective, humanity currently uses around 410 quintillions of joules a year. Doesn’t seem so measly now, does it?

Currently, we can’t capture that much, but every year, more solar is added to networks all around the world, and every year, scientists and researchers make astonishing advancements in the efficiency and application of solar technology. Solar and renewable energies are the way of the future, and every day, we’re making massive strides to get ourselves closer to that future.

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